Monday, September 15, 2008

He did it!!

As you can tell by the title Adam made the cut!!! I'm sooo excited for him. This is his first time to actually make the cut - and a paycheck as well! So, all this being said he is really a professional golfer since he has earned money from it:) I was planning to take my camera and get some footage of both days, but unfortunately I was so nervous I completely forgot... both days. I think that I was as stressed or more stressed than he was actually. However, now that we have both made it through the first cut I anticipate many more ahead of us and I promise to get pictures of those events. If you are just dying to know his scores and all of that you can check out
Well this is all for now... we're back to life as usual. We've got a church softball game tonight and of course the Cowboys are on Monday Night Football... Just another week at the Headleys.

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