Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fair Week

This week is the week of the South Plains Fair. It's usually not that big of a deal - in fact last year Adam didn't even want to go and had to be bribed with a double date with Chris and Denae. This year, however, is completely different. Our church, Generations Church, was lucky enough to get our hands on an empty corn dog booth. Although it is a lot of work for everyone involved it is a great fundraiser and keeps us from having to do other things for extra money. So, needless to say, Adam was less than thrilled to find out I had signed us up to work the booth 2 different times. Once he got in there though he has had a lot of fun. I think that this is in the fact that we've worked with our friends... but on Tuesday night we closed the booth and it was a lot of work. Adam was responsible for scrapping all the utinsils until they were ready for the next day - or so he thought. Connie has since reported that he has been the best cleaner EVER and that usually she soaks the utinsils overnight, etc. etc. Oh well! The most amazing part of this though is that Connie needed some extra people for the rest of the week, and Adam said he'd be happy to work 1 more shift! So we will be at the fair selling the best corndogs on the strip this Friday night or Saturday morning (there's a few conflicting issues left to be resolved on Sat. since it's college football all day). We hope ya'll have as fun as we will!


CONNIE said...

We REALLY appreciated all ya'll did for fair week! You are the best!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you two had fun- Jon and I really enjoyed dinner a few weeks ago! Have fun on your trip and UPDATE!!! :)

Ashley said...

UPDATE--- your trip and EVERYTHHNG!