Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The begining....

So here it is... this is my journey, our journey through life - with all it's ups and downs. The next posts will reveal more of what life is like at the Headley house and will hopefully include some pictures of the events... For now I leave you hoping that you have good thoughts for Adam and his upcoming golf tournament. He will be playing in the Adams Pro Golf Tournament at Hillcrest this Thursday, Friday -and hopefully Saturday and Sunday (he plays Sat. and Sun. if he makes the cut). I know that he can definately make the cut if he plays well - pray it goes that way! My uncle Ed is going to be his caddy, so we know there will be at least one person by his side praying he makes a great shot. More updates will come later in the week.


Ashley said...

Aww YAY~! You are here!!!

Hope the weather isn't to rough for the tournament today!

Can't wait for the next post!

Bob said...

hey brandi
did you get my note on your blog spot?
I think I got all the account stuff done correctly
let me know
love you all