Monday, March 23, 2009

Where we are now

Well, it has been a while since I've posted anything to this blog. In fact, I'd be really surprised if anyone is still reading this - but it is a place to let my thoughts wonder... So, where are we now? As of right now, I'm at work - in Lubbock, and Adam's at work - in Houma, LA. That's right, it's finally all started!!! I don't know if I am happy, sad, indifferent or what at this point. I've actually been really anxious about this whole transition, but not until just recently. I mean honestly, does it even make sense that when we are making more money than we ever have, happier than we've ever been, etc. etc (and in an economy like this) that Adam would half quit his VERY STABLE job and do something completely dependant upon him winning in a little game called G.O.L.F.

You have to understand where all this has come from, and the years and years it's taken to get here. I'm married to one of the most unspontaneous men (2nd only to his dad) in the world when it comes to life changes. An idea could pop in his head, and he will think about something... possibly talk to me about it (or not)... think more... talk more... think more... possibly act (but only after talking more)... and the cycle goes on and on until he may or may not act on something. If I could explain to you the amount of time that we spend looking at clothes and tennis shoes for him you'd understand (but we don't have that kind of room here)! Anyway, all this to say this is a REALLY BIG deal.

I'm soooo excited that Adam's getting to live his dream. I mean, honestly, how many people get to play golf everyday and get paid for it?!?! I will admit, I'm a little jealous... maybe more than a little on my bad days. But I'm also so excited for him...

So, here's to Adam - the best golfer that I know. Do great this week! I'm missing you like crazy (and so is Spud) - I love you!

You can follow Adam and all his friends on tour at

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My New Goals

I know that you may be thinking that this is a few weeks early with New Years coming up and all - but it's not, I promise. I've gotten back into a serious routine of exercising on a regular basis where a work up a good heart rate and really sweat, I mean REALLY sweat. I know you may be thinking that this is the worst possible time to start this with the holidays going on and such, but really it couldn't be a better time. You see, I have begun to feel that my weight (one of the main things in my life I should be able to control) was in fact out of control!! With my new job I don't do anything physically active all day. I do work... but it's mostly all mental. So, the nice weight I had gotten down to last year with a little help from a virus called Ecoli was quickly leaving. So, I'm now (for the last 2 weeks anyway) a faithful exerciser at Zach's Club. I've only done their classes, and they have all given me a hard work out. I sweat ALOT... and actually it feels really GREAT. I'm sleeping better (I'm ready for bed by 9:30 most nights) and feel more rested when I get up.
So all this to say, the new me is coming... I've already lost 4 lbs!! Pretty good I think.
Here's a random picture of us at the Tech vs Baylor Tailgate over Thanksgiving... Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Time to Slow Down

Well... I was about to start reading all of my friends blogs today when I realized that it has almost been a month since I've blogged myself... so here's a little recap of our lives...
Adam and I were invited by my dear friend Ashley to attend the MDA Boo Bash the weekend before Halloween. We went and had a great time. We dressed up as a Milk Man and "Mom" - completely appropriate?? probably not, but it was fun for a good laugh. And you would be surprised by how many people actually thought that I was pregnant - you can so see the basket ball.

This was Adam and I

This is Jon, Ashley (the convict and cat) and Adam and I

Then Halloween weekend we were WAY to busy with the Tech game to be dressing up - but the Raiders put on a fantastic show for us. Our great friends John and Iris and Brent and Jamille came and stayed with us for the game so it was a great time of catching up and spending time together - we miss you guys!!!

To follow up last week, the Raiders STOMPED the OSU Cowboys and so it was another weekend spent up at Tech. Justin and Kellie got to come up for this game and we had such a good time. We hope you guys move back!!

And on to the coming weekend. My cousin Lance is getting married to a wonderful girl named Olivia and we are so excited that she's joining the family. We'll be heading to Dallas on Thursday for a very busy and fun filled weekend. Not only are we getting to go to the wedding, but one of my best friends in the world is is getting a baby shower for her new little baby girl on Saterday morning that I'll get to go to. Can't wait to see you, Rach and touch that belly!!

I believe that this is all... hopefully life will be slowing down as the holidays roll around.. I don't expect it, but it would be a nice surprise.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Almost Lost a Son

As you can tell by the title, there was some very serious action going on at our house last night. Just so you know - it wasn't a person son, but a dog son. Anyway, it was all Hank last night (my mom feels like he's treated like a step son anyway by Adam, and last night he proved her right). A cold front rolled into Lubbock the last couple of days, and as is the tradition around our house Hank got a new sweater. I can't really tell if he loves his sweaters, or if he just puts up with it to appease me. A couple of years ago Spud ate Hank's swaeter off of him - but that's another story entirely. Back to the original purpose of this, Adam and I were enjoying a few episodes of DVRd TV that we needed to catch up on from last week's vacation. I was dozing and just enjoying being at home and warm when Adam jumps up screaming at the dog. I was still half asleep and it scared me half to death. Well, Adam had also been dozing when he heard something sounding like rain in our house... Hank had come into the living room and peed on the carpet RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! Adam was APPALLED that Hank would dare pee in the house, much less right in front of us! Needless to say, Hank nearly died, and then nearly got taken to the pound, or someone elses loving home (whichever came first). I will admit, I was pretty mad myself. I mean why would a grown up dog do this? Was he punishing me for putting a sweater on him? I don't know! Anyway... Hank got to stay outside in the cold for a good long while - with his sweater on. When we went to bed he was just standing at the door with his sad eyes looking at me. It made me melt, so he got to come in... I doubt he'll pee on the floor again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fair Week

This week is the week of the South Plains Fair. It's usually not that big of a deal - in fact last year Adam didn't even want to go and had to be bribed with a double date with Chris and Denae. This year, however, is completely different. Our church, Generations Church, was lucky enough to get our hands on an empty corn dog booth. Although it is a lot of work for everyone involved it is a great fundraiser and keeps us from having to do other things for extra money. So, needless to say, Adam was less than thrilled to find out I had signed us up to work the booth 2 different times. Once he got in there though he has had a lot of fun. I think that this is in the fact that we've worked with our friends... but on Tuesday night we closed the booth and it was a lot of work. Adam was responsible for scrapping all the utinsils until they were ready for the next day - or so he thought. Connie has since reported that he has been the best cleaner EVER and that usually she soaks the utinsils overnight, etc. etc. Oh well! The most amazing part of this though is that Connie needed some extra people for the rest of the week, and Adam said he'd be happy to work 1 more shift! So we will be at the fair selling the best corndogs on the strip this Friday night or Saturday morning (there's a few conflicting issues left to be resolved on Sat. since it's college football all day). We hope ya'll have as fun as we will!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's definately College Football Season

I found this on one of my cousin's friend's blog and thought that it was pretty funny... and somewhat true... enjoy:)

Differences Between North and South** Football

Women's Accessories
NORTH: Chap Stick in back pocket and a $20 bill in the front pocket.
SOUTH: Louis Vuitton duffel with two lipsticks, waterproof mascara, and a fifth of bourbon. Money not necessary - that's what dates are for.

Stadium Size
NORTH: College football stadiums hold 20,000 people.
SOUTH: High school football stadiums hold 20,000 people.

NORTH: Expect their daughters to understand Sylvia Plath.
SOUTH: Expect their daughters to understand pass interference.

Campus Decor
NORTH: Statues of founding fathers.
SOUTH: Statues of Heisman trophy winners.

Homecoming Queen
NORTH: Also a physics major.
SOUTH: Also Miss America.

NORTH: Rudy Giuliani
SOUTH: Archie & Peyton Manning

Getting Tickets
NORTH: 5 days before the game you walk into the ticket office on campus.
SOUTH: 5 months before the game you walk into the ticket office on campus,make a large financial contribution and put name on a waiting list for tickets.

Friday Classes After a Thursday Night Game
NORTH: Students and teachers not sure they're going to the game, because they have classes on Friday.
SOUTH: Teachers cancel Friday classes because they don't want to see the few hung-over students who might actually make it to class.

NORTH: An hour before game time, the University opens the campus for game parking.
SOUTH: RVs sporting their school flags begin arriving on Wednesday for the weekend festivities. The really faithful arrive on Tuesday.

Game Day
NORTH: A few students party in the dorm and watch ESPN on TV.
SOUTH: Every student wakes up, has a beer for breakfast, and rushes over to where ESPN is broadcasting "Game Day Live" to get on camera and wave to the idiots up north who wonder why "Game Day Live" is never Broadcast from their campus.

NORTH: Raw meat on a grill, beer with lime in it, listening to local radiostation with truck tailgate down.
SOUTH: 30-foot custom pig-shaped smoker fires up at dawn. Cooking accompanied by live performance from the Dave Matthews Band, who come over during breaks and ask for a hit off bottle of bourbon.

Getting to the Stadium
NORTH: You ask "Where's the stadium?" When you find it, you walk right in.
SOUTH: When you're near it, you'll hear it. On game day it is the state's third largest city.

NORTH: Drinks served in a paper cup, filled to the top with soda.
SOUTH: Drinks served in a plastic cup, with the home team's mascot on it, filled less than half way with soda, to ensure enough room for bourbon.

When National Anthem is Played
NORTH : Stands are less than half full, and less than half of them stand up.
SOUTH: 100,000 fans, all standing, sing along in perfect four-part harmony.

The Smell in the Air After the First Score
NORTH: Nothing changes.
SOUTH: Fireworks, Gunpowder (from the cannon in the end zone), with a touch of bourbon.

Commentary (Male)
NORTH: "Nice play."
SOUTH: "Dammit, you slow sumbitch - tackle him and break his legs."

Commentary (Female)
NORTH: "My, this certainly is a violent sport."
SOUTH: "Dammit, you slow sumbitch - tackle him and break his legs."

NORTH: Neutral and paid.
SOUTH: Announcer harmonizes with the crowd in the fight song, with a tear in his eye because he is so proud of his team.

After the Game
NORTH: The stadium is empty way before the game ends.
SOUTH: Another rack of ribs goes on the smoker, while somebody goes to the nearest package store for more bourbon, and planning begins for next week's game.

Monday, September 15, 2008

He did it!!

As you can tell by the title Adam made the cut!!! I'm sooo excited for him. This is his first time to actually make the cut - and a paycheck as well! So, all this being said he is really a professional golfer since he has earned money from it:) I was planning to take my camera and get some footage of both days, but unfortunately I was so nervous I completely forgot... both days. I think that I was as stressed or more stressed than he was actually. However, now that we have both made it through the first cut I anticipate many more ahead of us and I promise to get pictures of those events. If you are just dying to know his scores and all of that you can check out
Well this is all for now... we're back to life as usual. We've got a church softball game tonight and of course the Cowboys are on Monday Night Football... Just another week at the Headleys.