Monday, March 23, 2009

Where we are now

Well, it has been a while since I've posted anything to this blog. In fact, I'd be really surprised if anyone is still reading this - but it is a place to let my thoughts wonder... So, where are we now? As of right now, I'm at work - in Lubbock, and Adam's at work - in Houma, LA. That's right, it's finally all started!!! I don't know if I am happy, sad, indifferent or what at this point. I've actually been really anxious about this whole transition, but not until just recently. I mean honestly, does it even make sense that when we are making more money than we ever have, happier than we've ever been, etc. etc (and in an economy like this) that Adam would half quit his VERY STABLE job and do something completely dependant upon him winning in a little game called G.O.L.F.

You have to understand where all this has come from, and the years and years it's taken to get here. I'm married to one of the most unspontaneous men (2nd only to his dad) in the world when it comes to life changes. An idea could pop in his head, and he will think about something... possibly talk to me about it (or not)... think more... talk more... think more... possibly act (but only after talking more)... and the cycle goes on and on until he may or may not act on something. If I could explain to you the amount of time that we spend looking at clothes and tennis shoes for him you'd understand (but we don't have that kind of room here)! Anyway, all this to say this is a REALLY BIG deal.

I'm soooo excited that Adam's getting to live his dream. I mean, honestly, how many people get to play golf everyday and get paid for it?!?! I will admit, I'm a little jealous... maybe more than a little on my bad days. But I'm also so excited for him...

So, here's to Adam - the best golfer that I know. Do great this week! I'm missing you like crazy (and so is Spud) - I love you!

You can follow Adam and all his friends on tour at


staci Godwin said...

aYeah! I'm so happy:) Something new! Exciting. Miss you too... and Spud and Hank

Rachel Moss said...

I love the part about Adam being the 2nd slowest decision maker!