Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Time to Slow Down

Well... I was about to start reading all of my friends blogs today when I realized that it has almost been a month since I've blogged myself... so here's a little recap of our lives...
Adam and I were invited by my dear friend Ashley to attend the MDA Boo Bash the weekend before Halloween. We went and had a great time. We dressed up as a Milk Man and "Mom" - completely appropriate?? probably not, but it was fun for a good laugh. And you would be surprised by how many people actually thought that I was pregnant - you can so see the basket ball.

This was Adam and I

This is Jon, Ashley (the convict and cat) and Adam and I

Then Halloween weekend we were WAY to busy with the Tech game to be dressing up - but the Raiders put on a fantastic show for us. Our great friends John and Iris and Brent and Jamille came and stayed with us for the game so it was a great time of catching up and spending time together - we miss you guys!!!

To follow up last week, the Raiders STOMPED the OSU Cowboys and so it was another weekend spent up at Tech. Justin and Kellie got to come up for this game and we had such a good time. We hope you guys move back!!

And on to the coming weekend. My cousin Lance is getting married to a wonderful girl named Olivia and we are so excited that she's joining the family. We'll be heading to Dallas on Thursday for a very busy and fun filled weekend. Not only are we getting to go to the wedding, but one of my best friends in the world is is getting a baby shower for her new little baby girl on Saterday morning that I'll get to go to. Can't wait to see you, Rach and touch that belly!!

I believe that this is all... hopefully life will be slowing down as the holidays roll around.. I don't expect it, but it would be a nice surprise.


Ashley said...

YAAYYY!!! I love that you updated, and Jon and I made the blog!! :)

Unknown said...

Love the costumes, I am so ripping it off for next year! You will be cute prego!

CONNIE said...

How creative on the costumes! I can't believe you got Adam to do it!

Ashley said...

I LOVE THE NEW photo!!!